Best Waterproof running shoes for off-roads

Best Waterproof Running Shoes for Off-roads in 2021

As the weather starts getting colder and wetter and the days shorten, motivation for running can diminish. So what is the solution during the fall and winter? Waterproof running shoes, right?

Waterproof off-road running shoes are ideal for those who enjoy jogging outside and wish to keep their feet dry. In addition to a waterproof membrane, these shoes have a water-repellent top treatment to guard your feet. 

It is essential to have waterproof shoes if you are hiking through muddy trails. The topmost layer serves as a barrier to moisture. In certain shoes, protective overlays are used, while in others, mesh materials with close-woven structures are used. Because of this waterproof design, mud does not adhere to the top.

But we understand how problematic it is to find the best waterproof trail shoes for your off-road journey. Don’t worry. Today in this review article, we’ll cover the three best hiking shoes that are waterproof for you. So let’s dive in!

The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 Waterproof Trail Shoe

The North Face Men's Ultra 109 Waterproof Trail Shoe
The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 Waterproof Trail Shoe

As the market for hiking gear grows, North Face has made significant progress, and the Men’s Ultra 109 is something that you’ll love, no doubt. It is an excellent hiking shoe that will impress you both on and off the trail. Because its ultra-ACTAC rubber outsole provides incredible grip on various terrains and is tough and flexible, this means that you do not have to worry about handling terrains like rocks, loamy soil, wet sand, and trees. In terms of protection, the upper is made from PU leather. Moreover, it features a ghillie lacing system that locks down the foot for a secure fit. 

When it comes to breathability, the DryVent membrane offers both waterproofing and breathing capabilities. Now come to the midsole, and you will absolutely love this. Because with the soft cushioning and a sturdy inner shank, while on uneven and rough terrain, it effectively minimizes impacts from sharp rocks. Furthermore, you’ll have no problem wearing thicker wool hiking socks since the toe box is sufficiently large. Apart from that, a rock plate beneath the foot and a tough cap protects your toes and provides impressive traction and control. Most importantly, you can run on harder surfaces like gravel or pavement and not experience jarring since it is flexible and lightweight enough to be used as a trail running shoe.


  • It is a pair of shoes that provides a lot of comforts.
  • Running over rocks and other risky terrains is easy. 
  • During a running session, both the feet and the shoe remain dry.
  • Waterproof running shoes at a reasonable price.


  • Customers have reported that the shoe’s upper became a bit fragile after running just a few miles.

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Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Suede Waterproof Hiking Shoe
Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Suede Waterproof Hiking Shoe

The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 2 is one of the top-rated waterproof running shoes on the market today. If you want to find a great pair of waterproof running shoes, you should first consider their fit. And you will be pleasantly surprised at how well Columbia Ridge Plus II fits. With the combination of full-grain leather and suede, you will experience the comfort and protection of leather, plus the lightness, style, and feel of suede. Moreover, these lightweight running shoes are made of coated leather and are durable. For slip-free movement on rough surfaces, it has developed an advanced rubber sole. So you can enjoy hassle-free hiking. 

With a seam-sealed, waterproof material, there is no need to worry about rain, mud, or water getting inside. Apart from that, you will experience superior cushioning and long-lasting comfort with this midsole. Now come to traction and control! These shoes feature Omni Grip soles, which are non-marking and offer better traction. So if you are a person with high energy, it is an ideal option for you. Because you are not going to find any suitable, perfect, lightweight, stylish, and responsive hiking shoes as Columbia Ridge Plus II. Get your’s one and enjoy hiking!


  • 100% waterproof.
  • Resilient to slips and greasy surfaces.
  • It provides good arch support.
  • It is constructed with lightweight materials.
  • Stylish and reasonably priced.


  • Long-term, heavy usage may compromise the durability of the shoe.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Targhee line from KEEN has been the benchmark of comfort and durability for years. And KEEN Men’s Targhee II maintains these elements of strength and comfort that have made the line so renowned. You will love the wonderful combination of fall hues that gives it an elegant touch. Moreover, they have a technological finish as well. The top is constructed of waterproof nubuck leather, and the outsole is equipped with strong lugs for trail traction. An overwhelming majority of users are surprised at its lightness. The Keen Targhee II Mid Hiking Boots feature a removable dual-density footbed made of metatomical EVA in terms of the insole. So you need not think about shock absorption and arch support. 

The Targhee has a pretty good breathability rating so that you can wear them during hotter times of the year. When it comes to the best uses, you can easily use it for general outdoor purposes, and it is actually a mid hiking boot. But never get worried about stability because the contoured heel will help you maintain superb stability. As it comes at an affordable price in the market, you can have great value for your money. Moreover, a 1-year guarantee will provide extra security for any consequences. So what are you waiting for?


  • A high-quality design for construction
  • The materials utilized are sturdy.
  • Compared to mesh uppers, leather uppers are more durable.
  • Excellent toe space.


  • Toe caps are less prone to breakdown than other parts of the boot.

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What to Look for in a Trail Running Shoe?

Even though you can run in your normal training shoes on a firm, well-groomed trail, adding mud, moisture, rocks, and vegetation can make things a little more difficult. So it would be best if you considered several aspects before making your final purchasing decision. 

Here is what to look for in trail waterproof running shoes: 


Running with confidence is all about grip – without it, you won’t be able to run. So take this feature carefully to have the best waterproof running shoes for off-roads especially. 

Waterproofing Feature 

It’s important to note that water and snow can get trapped inside a waterproof shoe’s membrane if they get in the top. So if you need a waterproof shoe, pair it with a trail-running gaiter that protects your collar from getting wet. For waterproof running shoes, you need to double this feature. 


Cushioning is an important part of running shoes. If you want to have a running shoe for both trails and roads or long distances, emphasize cushioning. Less cushioning might be better for you if you want to run on a soft track or short distances. Try to fix your purposes first, then check this feature well. 

Built-in Protection

The uppers of your shoes may get damaged during off-road running, so they should be built with protection. Check the footbed, heel counter, and the bottom of the top for rubber or nylon reinforcements.


What Does ‘Drop’ Mean On Trail Running Shoes?

For running shoes, drop measures the height difference between the heel support and the front support at the midsole level. Because of the height difference, the foot is kept more or less inclined inside the shoes. Trail running shoes typically have a drop of 12 to 4 millimeters. However, for natural runners, it reaches zero.

Can You Wear Trail Running Shoes on Roads?

Yes, you can wear trail running shoes on roads and trail running shoes on roads interchangeably. If your trail running shoes offer adequate traction for road running, you can wear them with adequate support for your feet on the tougher surface of the roads. Furthermore, it would be best to avoid trail running shoes that have too much traction or have large lugs. There are a variety of trail shoe styles that are suitable for both surfaces.

Why are trail shoes generally not waterproof?

Waterproof shoes are created by wrapping the upper completely under the midsole and then gluing it down. So it will be less lightweight and flexible by doing this. For that reason, a lot of brands refer to the uppers of their shoes as water-resistant. As it is not wrapped under the foot and glued to the bottom, the material probably becomes waterproof. 

Furthermore, waterproofing reduces a shoe’s breathability, resulting in hot and sweaty feet. Convenience is a key factor here. Most people understand that they will get muddy feet if they go off-road. During this time, the most important thing is to wear good-quality running socks that do not blister when wet and sweaty.

Final Thought

Finding the best waterproof running shoes for off-road running can greatly impact your motivation and enjoyment of running. If you run in good shoes, you can avoid injury, explore new terrain, and have a better time. To purchase the best running shoe that is waterproof, we have provided enough information about its advantages and disadvantages. Now it is your turn to make your final buying decision. But keep in mind that, according to your requirements and budget, you should always consider their built-in quality and performance. We think this article will assist you in choosing the perfect one.

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